Nobody Gets Out Alive

You can wish for tomorrow, but will it ever happen? You can dream about that vacation, but are you certain you will make it? From an early age, humans seek excitement and for whatever reason they believe it to always be coming down the road. But, what if it’s right in front of you? People spend their lives stocking up for retirement when only a few will make it passed the age of sixty. What’s more is that when we actually do make it to that golden age of carefreeness we often find ourselves riddled with guilt in terms of past decisions we either made or did not make.

Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

     Sure, healthy eating is important and so is a steady income, but should these two things really take precedence over sharing a burger and fries with an old friend, or going to your parents’ anniversary party simply because you just could not get away from the office? Human physicality cannot be drastically changed by one plate of fast food, but a waning friendship can, and taking off work to celebrate another trip around the sun may not mean a thing to you, but to the people who gave you life it could mean the world. So, how will you choose to spend it?

Spend what?

Your life. Like it or not, it’s limited. Nobody gets out alive, and all that money you’ve been saving over the years won’t rollover to the next life. It’s only valid here, now, in the present. So what will you do with it? How will you spend each precious day? Are you going to choose a life sentence of what ifs, or start living in the here and now?

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