Living Peachy

You Deserve A Few Days Off!!

It’s a new year and a new you, and ever since Christmas you’ve been working hard to get back on track. You’ve kept watch of those calories, and have done well on that to-do list of mundane things that add up if you don’t keep on top of them like cleaning, laundry, and going to … Continue reading You Deserve A Few Days Off!!

Here’s to Now

I don’t know who you are But I want to. Even if we don’t see each other today Or the next day, Or the day after that I know there will come a day When we will And we will stay Side by side For as long as time will Allow. What are your habits? … Continue reading Here’s to Now

… On a shelf!

Sometimes you just gotta go for it, so go for it I did and now it will soon be on a shelf! In the coming weeks I’ll be able to tell you exactly when and where you can get a copy. Stay tuned for more! Continue reading … On a shelf!

Nobody Gets Out Alive

You can wish for tomorrow, but will it ever happen? You can dream about that vacation, but are you certain you will make it? From an early age, humans seek excitement and for whatever reason they believe it to always be coming down the road. But, what if it’s right in front of you? People … Continue reading Nobody Gets Out Alive

Hi, How Are You?

Hi, how are you? I’m good thanks. How’s the family and friends, you ask? All good here. No change. Yeah, maybe soon we can hang out. But, not today. Maybe later. I promise, I’ll see you soon! This is always how it goes. I’m having a party. Would you like to come? Yeah! Sure! No-wait! … Continue reading Hi, How Are You?


The world is at your fingertips, they say. Whatever you put your mind to, You can have. It’s all about perspective. So when will it come? When will the dreams of actually Making it come to fruition? It’s literally so close I can see it, Feel it. Like I can extend my hand and Caress … Continue reading Fingertips

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