The world is at your fingertips, they say.

Whatever you put your mind to,

You can have.

It’s all about perspective.

So when will it come?

When will the dreams of actually

Making it come to fruition?

It’s literally so close I can see it,

Feel it.

Like I can extend my hand and

Caress it.

Maybe if I squint a little harder,

Concentrate a little more,

Then I will have what I want,

And be glad.

But, each time I get what I’ve hoped for,

It’s not what I imagined?

In fact, it’s not even close to the picture

Perfect scenery in my head.

Surely, this can’t be how it really is.

The long awaited beach trip should have

Been better.

Should have been more exhilarating.

The graduation day should have been memorable,

But not in that way!

Why do we mess things up like this?

If we’re honest it’s not the getting of what’s

At our fingertips that brings true joy.

It’s the dream of it all.

The imagined smells, the made up meetings in our


Is it really true that what we see on the tiny squares in

Our hands are only a hodge podge artistic piece of what

Really happens?

That what we imagine we want is really a scrapbook

Of neatly trimmed items that made the so called


Why do we do this to ourselves?

We make up scenarios and themes where

People, and animals, and things have to align just perfectly

Or else it all goes to hell.

Maybe instead of reaching and struggling for what’s

At our fingertips, we could just hold and admire,

And let it form its own story instead of trying to

Speak unneeded words into it.

Maybe what’s at our fingertips,

Is only meant to exist at our fingertips.

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